Coordinates 13° 22' 12" N; 85° 57' 0" W
Country Nicaragua
Region Jinotega
Date Confirmed 2019
Buried? No
Drilled? No
Target Type Crystalline
Sub-Type Basalt
Apparent Crater Diameter (km) 14 km
Age (Ma) 0.815 ± 0.011
Notes on Age :
  1. Using 49Ar-39Ar dating of impact glass an age of 0.815 ± 0.011 Ma was obtained (Rochette et al., 2019).
Impactor Type Unknown


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A J Cavosie, N E Timms, Ludovic Ferrière, P Rochette (2018) Former reidite in granular neoblastic zircon (FRIGN zircon) from the Luizi impact structure and proposed Pantasma structure, 49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, p. Abstract 1816, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, Houston, TX

A J Cavosie, N E Timms, Ludovic Ferrière, P Rochette (2018) FRIGN zircon—The only terrestrial mineral diagnostic of high-pressure and high-temperature shock deformation, Geology 46(10), p. 891-894, Geological Society of America, doi:10.1130/G45079.1

P Rochette, R Alaç, P Beck, G Brocard, A J Cavosie, V Debaille, B Devouard, F Jourdan, B Mougel, F Moustard, F Moynier, S Nomade, G R Osinski, B Reynard, J Cornec (2019) Pantasma: Evidence for a Pleistocene circa 14 km diameter impact crater in Nicaragua, Meteoritics and Planetary Science 901(4), p. 880-901, doi:10.1111/maps.13244